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Ara is a utility for searching the Debian package database. It works in batch mode, in interactive command-line mode (with a built-in line editor) or with a graphical interface, Xara.


Ara and Xara have been written by Berke Durak and are released under the GNU General Public Licence..

Debian packaging has been done by George Danchev, Thomas Schoepf, Sven Luther and Samuel Mimram. Thanks to all people who sent in bug reports.


The latest stable version is 1.0.9 released 2005-04-01. The latest development version is 1.1.0 (SVN access only). You can download the source and .deb files either here. (The files at Alioth can be slightly outdated).


HTTP interface

The web interface of ara is now hosted by the European EDOS project. It uses ara 1.1.0. The regular expression syntax is that of Perl (thread-unsafe Str has been replaced with Pcre).


Ara is entirely written in Objective Caml. Xara uses LablGTK2 for its graphical interface.

Source code via SVN

You can download the source code using Subversion from the repository svn:// Simply type svn co svn:// You can also browse the repository.


You can read the manual page online. Ara and xara also include built-in help.

Bug tracking

For bugs, use the bug tracker.

For feature requests, use the feature requests tracker.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for developers. End-users can use the above trackers for submitting bug reports, feature requests or asking for help. A mailing list for users can be created if there is demand for it.


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